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They want you where they've got you.
They've got you right where they want you.
Well-wishers lining ramparts, with their plastic grins.
It's a carnival to your sideline--
Jumpers, dazzlers, many-faced freelancers,
Telling you one road's better than the other.
It's a complicated, twisted thing--
It's without sense, impossibly deep, dark, winding--
Nobody warned you.
Nobody said a thing. They just knew you'd find out.
It's a terrible room, a terrible castle,
A terrible world for a terrible life.
Concrete replaced by air, and all the trappings beckon you.
Everything is here! Everything is here for you!
Well, they'll trade in what they know--
Subtleties, idiot-truths and fluttered lashes,
Whiling away in moments, and then some moments more--
'Cause you know where they want you.
They want you where they've got you.
They've got you right where they want you.
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I never danced with you.
Shadows, corners, and words unspoken--
We broke rank and hid ourselves from one another,
More times than I can count.
There was a method to this madness,
Cold and broken though it could often be.
Well, it's not what you're looking for
And I can see that now.
You've got your castle, you've got your dreams
I've got my memories, and you won't share them.
I guess I could say that I'm sorry...
I could say it, and I'd mean it, but I won't.
I won't.
Was there a moment when you understood--
Looking at me with your wide smile,
Wide eyes, small gestures--
A moment where you saw me and saw everything?
I'm sure that your liege is a love that's brilliant
And I'll forever regret that I'm not.
Will you look back on our quick songs,
Our patchwork lyrics and whimsical moments?
All those times we could have kissed, but didn't.
You're a shadow on my soul, a breath upon my heart...
But I can't say that I'm sorry for love.
If truth be told, when I'm alone and you are not--
I'm sorr
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Glimmers by Kniteblade89 Glimmers :iconkniteblade89:Kniteblade89 0 0 Yours Truly by Kniteblade89 Yours Truly :iconkniteblade89:Kniteblade89 2 0
It slips in through your ear,
And it's subtle like a breath.
The rhyme's the same as the reason, you see.
Love songs brought us to this cold dark place,
Ducking in and out from the staves of our hearts.
Well, you choose to dream in color,
'Cause you always do what turns you on.
I'd play hop-scotch in this hell we made,
Coloring within the thin white lines,
And I'd not say a word.
But it's getting cold in here,
Those faint lines blur, the sense leaves us,
And I am left adrift.
Nobody said it would be easy.
They didn't, because I knew it would be agony.
Keep singing, keep singing,
Keep singing, keep singing,
The curtain's your best friend...
The curtain's my real enemy.
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The Lowest Tragedy
Beautifully driven, Well-played melodies
Reminding me, in between crescendos,
That I am surely not a saint...
'Stead just as flawed as ever.
Nod, weave, wander on,
My memory will fade in time.
You'll not remember my face,
And I hesitate to ask about it.
Who's lying now!
Raindrop-kisses, nonsense serenades..
Keep up, keep pace, don't let go...
I keep crying, all the time.
But there's this place,
Inside of a pocket from another year,
That says so many things.
This little autumn corner,
It's a happy little haven, I remember it all right,
Because it says that you and I...
We Knew how to laugh back then.
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Sunset Backup by Kniteblade89 Sunset Backup :iconkniteblade89:Kniteblade89 0 0 The Guardian by Kniteblade89 The Guardian :iconkniteblade89:Kniteblade89 1 0 Wood-Spires by Kniteblade89 Wood-Spires :iconkniteblade89:Kniteblade89 0 0 Soft Autumns by Kniteblade89 Soft Autumns :iconkniteblade89:Kniteblade89 1 0
Declaration of Intent
Every breath passing as duty beyond escape.
Each flick and twitch of the mind's eye
Teaches the ways of wadded newsprint,
Drifting by way of the raodside.
The festivities are cold affairs,
Singular shadows holding decorations for one--
Making merriment on display,
Inviting masks that guard from the worst of the wicked.
Long treks, in the darkest dark,
With the flavor of artificial elevation, mixed in with shouting,
Premium ambiance, for all the folks of finer tastes.
Retreat to the caverns, made of memory.
Home is here, in its sweet desolation...
Comprised of truths that hurt like barbs,
And curses that hunger for all things made of hope.
Shields, swords, weapons of words and weapons of wit...
Draw them in defense of the last good things,
And everything will surely survive.
You'll laugh,you'll smile, the pieces will come back together.
But truth is not selective,
Not reality's truth, no it's not.
There's one sleepless notation that's colored red, black, and finite,
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'In Essence'
In all its variations,
Love is as cruel as it is kind--
A multi-faceted journey across souls and long nights.
Not looking back--
Just counting the scars on the present,
And wishing this hollowed-out corner of the world
Wasn't such a lonely place.
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Never once, and not at all.
The song destroys a song,
One catchy tune for another.
But the only embrace-- it's your embrace,
So there's not much chance for anything other,
While cold hours caress the last lights from the roads.
Never once, and not at all.
It's come to another twisting tale
With endings fashioned from one-way sorrows
And crumpled pieces of poetry...
A tragedy for the times without end,
And loud nights without rest.
Never once, and not at all.
But the poems are one-way gestures...
Only one will say goodbye, and I know--
I know, for you, the nights are soft.
The dreams are gentle,
And you'll never come to miss me.
Never once, and not at all.
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I am who I am, and you are who you shall be.
But, I'm sitting here in my dark corner
And you're heading to places I won't ever see--
Embarking on your journey, tossing caution to the winds.
There's a dozen-times-dozen memories...
And I wonder what they might be worth by now.
You saved a life, you know.
A playful little laugh, and a guiding light in your eyes.
Changing perspectives I'm sure you never knew about,
Paving the way for another kind of journey,
One that I'm still taking,
One that will never, ever end
Not until the final spring.
Changing with the light, changing with the world.
I don't know what I'm looking at,
Not anymore; the landscape's different.
So are you. You're very different, but still you're there.
A dream given form by a purpose,
And I owe you many thanks...
I think I did that one thing right.
Live your life, princess.
Do that for me.
Just live your life.

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Mature content
Dark Causes :iconkniteblade89:Kniteblade89 0 1
April Longings
April Longings
In solitude she'd count the ways
I look upon this mirror's edge.
She'd say with narrowed eyes
I'd become my discontent.
She'd tell me "I'm a whisper",
She'd say to me "I'm dreaming.
I'm a dreamer, dreaming softly,
I never did this right,
Never saw it coming."
Night merges on the overpass,
Calling out to this concave, butane world.
It never mattered, anyway...
But she always made it out by her own way.
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Kingston Point by Exotik-Alek Kingston Point :iconexotik-alek:Exotik-Alek 6 3 I think this is cute... by BunnyOfSuburbia
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J. Bozlinski
Artist | Literature
United States
I am an avid fan of many different kinds of art. My one true passion is writing, in all its forms. Lately, I focus primarily on poetry; but I'm working (slowly but surely) on a full-length novel.
I'm a huge comic book fan; One of my deepest wishes is to find a talented artist on here to collaborate with, and create a comic book series for publication. ;) (I've wanted to break into the industry since I was eight... =))
I do my best to be a very kind and thoughtful person, and meeting new people is something I very much enjoy. Please, introduce yourself, and feel free to leave feedback on my various works... it's *always* appreciated. =)

Current Residence: New York State
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock / Electronica
Favourite style of art: I enjoy multiple styles-- everything from Manga to gritty noir-type presentations.
Operating System: Vista x64
Personal Quote: Better to live one day as a lion, than a hundred years as sheep.


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